Fate of imperfection; ZIM-ELLIES; Born wild on African soil.

In 2015 under the regime of president Mugabe in Zimbabwe over 200 wild baby elephants age 2-5 were separated, robbed and stolen from their families, from their wild existence as elephants. From one day to another their peaceful world was mercilessly torn apart. Entire families were torn apart, defensive mothers were shot, many herds were…

Journey to heaven.

I LOVE you Sebastien, Love you too Molly.¬†¬†Come fly away with me to heaven. The road is long With many a winding turn That leads us to heaven. I’m strong enough to carry her. So on we go. Her welfare is my concern. No burden is she to bear, We’ll get there. We are laden…

Matriarch in trainee ship; Order in Chaos

Matriarch in trainee ship+ order in chaos. My story about how the DSWT orphans in Ithumba became one ordered herd with quality leadership. Practice makes perfect.

The sound of love

The sound of love is t short story about little Ndololo. In his short life he has know all love and best care, thanks to DSWT. This story is one of the chapters from the book Give an orphan a future, I wrote in Dutch language in 2009


Molly will celebrate her first X-mas at ZIM. As love comes in all shaped and sizes, with so many species on board, X-mas certainly wouldn’t be called boring. Meanwhile; Roxy is telling Moyo, Pickles, Josephine and mama Kudu about the TRUE meaning of X-mas. Sharing LOVE, LIGHT AND CARE TO EACHOTHER… let’s make Molly’s first…

When life becomes suffering

Moving story about my dswt orphan Mweiga who I met short before her passing on 23 dec. 2007. Her death lead to full indepency and freedom for 26 orphans, carrying her memory forever in their hearts.