Do you SEE … me

Do you SEE … me

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul

What do you see

WHO do you see

Do you see… ME??

People gave me the mark being agressive,

but it is them who showed me their agression instead

in every beat, every whip, every poke they gave me since the day I was ripped away violently from my mama.

Every single day over and over agin the same pain, over 40 years

My entire life this is what I received, this is what they showed me over and over again

So I had not other choice then acting agressively too.. just like them

Only with me it was just to cover up a deeper layer

just to protect myself, an act of deepest desperation as I couldn’t take no more pain

Do you SEE ..ME ?

ENP, FAE en HfE 2016 april 5461


When you see me then you will see me shivering like a straw by every strange sound and every strange move from all and everone who comes near me

I am so terrified, so scared as I can’t take no more, no more pain

When you see me..ME … ,

then you will hear too my desperate heartbreaking cries for help


I fele so much pain, so much fear, I am crying out litterly

sometimes in silent cries, sometimes I express my cries loud and clear

as my cries are intense filled with my deepest emotions, coming from the deepest layer of my heart and soul

then my cries sound like the intense crying of a humanbaby

Can you hear me ?

Can you hear… ME ?

Saree hears me, she often strangles her trunk gently into mine

although being youn she understands me, comforts me, hugs me, helps me

Saree sees me, Saree knows me as I am most likely her biological mother.

All I want is to be me

to feel fresh grass under my feet

to feel the glow of the sun on my skin

to throw mud on my tortured body

to take a bath in the river to splash away my pain and sorrows little by little

to walk together with my Saree and to feel loved as me

by them

All I ant is peace around me, to find peace inside me

to be ME

to live like the elephant I am

signed: MeeSook

MeeSook was rescued by Lek Chailert in 2015 after a lifetime full of terrible abuse. She suffers from Post Traumatic Stress which is no wonder after all the violence she had to endure. In the sanctuary Elephant Nature Park she has  the best and all peace, love, care possible. 12 year old Saree is most likely her biological daughter, as they share a very special deep bond. In time bloodtests will clear this up. MeeSook now is on best place she can be, with Saree.

ENP, FAE en HfE 2016 april 5477.JPG

ENP, FAE en HfE 2016 april 5464.JPG

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