Hi everyone,

My name is Tammy , here TamsElephantmemories, elephant-ambassador from the  Netherlands and working for the Dutch elephant foundation named Friends of the Elephant (Vrienden van de Olifant). I am starting this blog to share my passion for elephants, to create and raise awareness about their terrible conditions worldwide and to share their beauty. Many elephants are suffering due to humangreed, poaching, hunting, trade in ivory, human-elephantconflicts, exploitation, suffering in all layers of tourism globally, forced breeding and in illegal logging.

met Kabu
my meeting with my fostergirl Kabu

I am supporting the foundations like Save Elephant Foundation Thailand who step in every day 24/7 with dedication to save elephants and other animals from abusive life and give them a future surounded with love, care and freedom, elephant-orphanages, like for example DSWT Kenya, ETH Sri Lanka, Lilayi/ Kafue orphanage Zambia who raise with love and dedication baby elephants and bring them step by step back to independent life in nature.

I have done multiple times volunteering work at the sanctuary for abused elephants in Thailand: Elephant Nature Park and visit many of the ‘Hands off saddle’s off-projects’ founded and created by Lek Chailert.

In my blog I will share my memories, tell THEIR stories through THEIR eyes, experiences, information, photos all with love and respect for the elephants. I am grateful to belong to the first generation that helps people to step off the elephant and fight for their future. Let elephants be and live like elephants are mend to be.

If up to me their future is filled with love, care, freedom in natural habitat.

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  1. Lisette schreef:

    Mooi ,jammer dat het alleen maar Engels is .


    1. Hoi Lisette,

      Ik werk er nog aan om ook de nederlandse vertalingen te publiceren. Komt goed, ik ben pas net met dit project gestart en moet nog uitvinden hoe het allemaal werkt.
      Komt goed.
      groetjes Tamara


      1. Lisette schreef:

        Hoi Tamara ,leuk en nog veel succes .Groetjes


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