Life taken by lead

Dedicated to wildlife-icons as Cecil, Xanda, his brother and all wildlife, who lost, and still lose their precious lives, by facing the destructive power of lead, poaching, trade caused by humans.

In agony and pain she struggled to move forward. Her body was sieved with 17 !!!  bullet holes. At each breath, the destructive force of the lead penetrated deeper into her body, slowly taking away, in tremendous agony, her life. Despite her agony and pain, despite her being suffering more and more by each step, she was determined to protect her baby from the same faith that has happened with her. She managed to hide her baby inside the bushes. After several hours when the lead in her body had reached and damaged some vital organs, she collapsed. That’s how the Kenya Wildlife Service discovered her, still being alive, her body vibrating, suffering from the tremendous agony caused by the lead inside her. The vet from DSWT had no other option then to euthanize her. Her baby boy was saved and brought to DSWT. All over the plain many elephants were on their way to pay last tribute to the elephant who lost her life. All has heard her infrasound suffering cries, many had heard the bangs. All knew it could have been 1 of them instead. By Poaching or trophy hunting!

dode olifant tmg-article_tall
Elephant shot by hunter, her baby witnessed all (was rescued by DSWT)

High shrill tones, heartbreaking cries, through marrow and bone that strong, resounded through the warm air on the savanna. All her cries were pierced by deepest agony and pain.  This rhino female had faced the relentless power of lead, while she was grazing. Completely unaware of what would happen within seconds, she was living her live on the plains peacefully. Out of nowhere, a cold, hard bang filled suddenly the air. The next moment she felt something hit her body. Her instinct told her to run away from the sudden, unexpected danger. More bangs followed before she collapsed while her life slowly was slipping away out her vibrating body. The next hours she suffered tremendously. The so-called trophy hunter who caused this murder first degree, watched her agony till after a few hours her desperate cries became weaker, till the silence was deafening…. .

Example off a rhino shot by trophy hunter

A hippo was living his life as dominant male of his herd, in the Zambezi river. He loved to dive under water. Every now and then, he needed to come up the surface of the water to breathe. As soon as his head came above the surface a sudden relentless bang sounded through the air. An innocent life was taken away within seconds. Even the birds stopped singing. The river colored red. If the hippo would have known his faith, he never would have come up and swim away. The so-called trophy hunter paid € 16000,– dollar to shoot a hippo. In an interview he called his murdering, a way of charity as he donated the hippo to the local village so the people had meat.

and the river colored red after the hippo came to the surface to breathe

Two years after Cecil the Lion was killed in a national park in Zimbabwe, his son Xanda was killed too in a trophy hunt, just like his younger brother some time ago. Xanda was shot in a hunting area just outside Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Xanda, who was 6 years old, was wearing an electronic collar that was put on by researchers to monitor his movements. The hunt was called legal as Xanda was outside the borders. These so-called borders are created by humans, as if wildlife has a passport, an ID. Wildlife don’t know anything about set up borders. Wildlife only know the existence of their territory and as they are in their own home. Sometimes they have to defend this territory sometimes they have to move on.


Cecil in glory of his life

The destructive interference of humans in wildlife like; canned/trophy Hunting, poaching, trade, exploitation, habitat loss has all same outcome. The death and extinction of wildlife! Extinction is forever, exists no reverse! The dead from one specie lead as domino-effect to the next specie, as in nature all and everything is connected with each other.

These are just examples of so-called trophy hunt. Many lives are murdered like this first degree every day. If all these animals were humans, the world would call these hunters, serial killers and psychopaths. Than they would face a lifetime in prison or even dead penalty. As it is about murdering first degree wildlife.... .It seems there are no clear laws, it seems all and everything is allowed, tolerated as long as you pay the right person(s) the right price. It seems everything has its price. animals seem to be just a number, just a collection, just a product.

pricelist hunting
the sad, cruel reality; price list in hunting. Instead of zero tolerance to protect them.

The day after, called tomorrow, if it is not same day, most people move on as if nothing happened, many don’t even know who was Cecil, Xanda, many don’t even care about every lost individual at all. Why hunters don’t use their skills to catch poachers and protect animals instead, for example.

Where on 1 side people dedicate their lives to save, to protect individuals, whole species against extinction,

while on the other side hunting, poaching, trade are still tolerated, allowed and supported even. even by organizations like for example WWF, CITES and others.

Only a zero tolerance policy on every level helps to protect wildlife from extinction.

Lately this statement was posted by a photo from the global march;

‘These People don’t help to stop Poaching or wildlife trafficking’

global olifantenmars 04-10-2014 046.JPG

This statement can be explained several ways:

  • In according with the global march:

The marching animal advocates don’t directly stop poaching, hunting or wildlife trafficking…but indirectly they fight to make an important statement, raise/create awareness about critical situation in a peaceful way. Global march is meant in first place to unite worldwide to make a statement and raise awareness about the harsh facts/reality about extinction, our earth and force globally the local, international governments, organizations and media to cooperate more, to take strong action ( like zero tolerance policy on every level) in order to stop wildlife from extinction, in order to stop planet earth being exploited till exhaustion… till death!

  • So YES these animal advocates do HELP, as they do all everything within their power to stand up, to be a voice for the voiceless As saving 1 individual can save an entire specie.

Major problem…these animal advocates don’t help as they can’t book much result bumping on to a refined network hidden behind the ingenious ‘laws/rules’ set up by politics in order to control the world, the/ OUR environment:

Passionate, dedicated animal-advocates are standing in front of a global giant major invisible wall, which is often hidden behind ‘conservation’, which make them feel powerless, defenseless, not heard, their warning signals not being taken seriously.

The deeper layer of Conservation seems to reveal more often a worldwide ingenious constructed operation, to conceal and incorporate what is often called; managing ‘trophy hunting, poaching and trade in wildlife and remains of wildlife’ , as important solution to protect wildlife from extinction. It is even called a way of charity.

Conservation seems more often to be created and developed, in order to make money, power, in order to ‘control’ the world, which is penetrated from the highest global politics flowing refined and flowing subtle into many conservation organizations.  Conservation seems to have become an important way too to make ‘big business’ over the back over wildlife and the poor population in a lot of countries who are often victims of corruption, political conflicts or war. As result the name conservation seems to have become a negative load more and more.

With the help of refined set up constructions and examples, worldwide dignitaries involved in many layers of conservation, politics and conservation-organizations justify all the policy in most diplomatic way. In articles, interviews it is often described as for instance economic support, helping other countries, mention for instance the poor economic state of many countries as reason to justify the ingenious construction. It is remarkable that so many follow this path of money, greed, power like puppets on a string. Why not choose to do more fair trade with the local people, local governments and help them out to be self-supportive on long-term. It might be as always a matter of money and political power/problems.

Why are not the dedicated wildlife protectors member of for example CITES, as that would make huge difference.

The animal-advocates, sincere animals protectors with passion to stop wildlife from extinction are cornered to and even to support, tolerate and allow trophy hunting, poaching and trade’ in order to be able to set up decent helpful projects to protect wildlife. If they not adjust and follow the set up refined set up constructions, they might end up urgently on their own on the sideline as that is how the refined constructions of conservation seems to work these days. If you don’t join you’re out’.

Is the worldwide diversity in all political , all nations, only to overcome by becoming united by making money, power, in order to ‘control’ the world over the back of wildlife, transparent conservationism, the climate, OUR mother earth??? As with so many worldwide leaders, political systems, so many large protection organizations worldwide it is astonishing that so many exploitation, trade and hunting is still going on.

Why does it seems that only individualists, persons as well as individual protecting-organizations are pledging standing up like lonesome crusaders in a complex network of money, power, policy, corruption ignorance and greed within conservation.

Only a zero tolerance policy on every level helps to protect wildlife and our earth from extinction. In the meantime we continue the fight to help, save, protect every individual animal as little by little becomes a lot. Every life matters, at least we change THEIR future.

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