mr. Peacock feeling blue

Mr. Peacock wants a friend

Wild is Life grand Zimbabwe is a loving home for many animals species; from pangolin Marimba to 6 Zim Ellies, to Diesel the Cheetah, Harry the hyena, Sebas the baby giraffe who is adopted, as second mama/ (daddy), by baby kudu Mouse, miss Pickles the warthog, Kim the sheep and many others.





But the is one little animal who seems to feel a bit blue time to time. As most animals found a friend for life, little mr. Peacock hasn’t found a best friend yet.

His efforts are not the problem. He is focused and determined to find, trying to impress others as much as possible.  When he tries to impress the white lady peacock, he shows her his peacock tail in full glory… .  Only despite all his efforts the white lady peacock never seems impressed by him. Perhaps white peacocks are only impressed by …other white peacocks and the explosion in blue, green, turquoise might be all to over powdering. Mr. Peacock doesn’t realize that, so he keeps practicing, working on his attitude to look more impressive in his full glory. He found himself a mirror and kept working on his body attitude and his presentation.

With all the efforts and practice he was ready for the next meeting… he thought. But no … despite his tail in full glory with the green, blue, turquoise shining bright like a beautiful rainbow, nobody seemed impressed by his efforts.

Again mr. Peacock felt disappointed as he so badly want a friend who loves him. He started practicing in front of the tortoise…. ohhhh booooorriing…. the tortoise found it all boring and found himself to old for this show and bright colors so turned his back on mr peacock.

mr. Peacock trying to impress the tortoise   (photo credit wild is life grand Zimbabwe)

Mr. Peacock was sad, why didn’t anyone like him, all he wanted was a friend who fills his life with color. Poor mr. Peacock, trying so hard without any result to find a friend. Again he started practicing in the mirror to work hard to look even more stunning as maybe next time he would be more lucky.

What mr. Peacock doesn’t realize is the fact that it is him, who fills the life from others with the most beautiful peacock colors and actions. Only thing he might need to work om…his timing…and perhaps he tries to hard to do his very best.

Mirror mirror on the wall

who is the most beautiful peacock of them all

it is me

is wish somebody to see

Please mr. Peacock stay as you are, as little as you are, as insignificant as you might seem or even feel.

You have your own funny, colorful sweet role in life. Without mr Peacock’s funny actions life looks more grey.

Keep on going with shining , at some day when you the least expect…you will find your friend. As you are gorgeous.

Sometimes you are the one coloring the life of others, while you are searching yourself for the opposite.


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