Memories of 2017, welcome 2018

With 2017 almost coming to an end we welcome 2018. We are looking back on the things that have happened in 2017 and have become memories.

  • the year 2016 ended with the loss of Jarunee from the Yindee family. She was friends with Mintra and Malai Tong.

elephant nature park thailand 2014 nov 390.JPGYindee family with Jarunee (right)

  •  Jandee passed away too, this lady was just rescued. In ENP she found peace, love and care in the last couple of days in her life. Surrounded by love and best care possible she passed away.
  • Then Tubtim, Navann’s nanny no. 3 passed away. From the moment Tubtim arrived in ENP in spring of 2014, she embraced Navann and was dedicated to be his nanny. For over 2 1/2 years she found love, joy, peace and a family in Navann’s herd. The many years hard labor in a slavery existence with poor nutrition had weaken her legs.. Navann  filled her heart with joy and laughter. Tubtim was happy in ENP.
ENP, FAE en HfE 2016 april 5572
Navann being mr. Budha at his mama’s milkbar with Mae Bua Kham and Tubtim watching over them
ENP, FAE en HfE 2016 april 6159
Sri Prae, Mae Khampaan, Mae Bua Kham and Tubtim
tubtims graf
r.i.p. Tubtim, her grave is filled with roses
  • Boonma passed away too. Her best friends Mae Bua Loy and Lucky will miss her, carrying her memory inside their hearts. Boonma was ENP’s own ele-fashionista. Being a so-called white elephant Boonma’s skin was light so needed protection. Boonma was always ‘wearing ‘something stylish and with grace. ENP was her home for many years since.
Boonma was always wearing something stylish
bua loy boonma en lucky
Mae Bua Loy, Boonma and Lucky
  • Besides the tragic losses ENP became home to new arrivals like Madee, Baicha, Boonmee and Bai Baan who found forever home in ENP. After many escapes from nearby trekkingcamp Pikun found home in ENP. Sookjai being blind and almost deaf was rescued, so was Som Jai. In the summer KhunYai Jenny and Thong Ae were brought to ENP. Little orphan Dok Gaew found a home in ENP and was adopted by Dani, who adopted too within short time Jenny and Thong Ae. Together with BaanYen and Jeamsai they formed a new familygroup. Khundej alone? Only for a while, he was adopted by Dipor and Sookjai and likes Kabu too. Last elephant rescued was Dalah who suffers from terrible injuries as result from circus and forced breeding. Dalah will have many months in recovery before being able to walk around. 
kabu en khundej4_n
Kabu and Khundej, love at first sight
  • My Navann celebrated his 5 th birthday and has become a big boy facing next stage in life. Dok Mai and Yindee their 4th, Faa Mai and Chang Yim 8 th and Dok Rak had his first birthday. 
  • Little Zuki is improving and has become more happy and playful. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary welcomed Sri Nuan and Jan Jao. Dodo is reunited with his mama and with his older brother.
  • At Surin baby Nopparan is born. 
  • Pamper a Pachyderm rescued an elephant too
  • Baby Bank and his mama and family are in freedom now too.
  • The condition of the vulnerable Wingabaw baby orphans is slightly improving but they still have long way to go.
  • The Jumbo Express, medical clinic is launched and helping all animals in need.
Wingabaw orphans 

– the ZIM ELLIES have welcomed little Tulku and later on special needs baby Molly. Sizi was stung by a bee in her trunk which gave her first pain and later on itch. She felt so itchy that smart little Sizi used a stick to scratch, unfortunately the stick became stuck and little Sizi needed surgery. Happy end though. Sizi took Molly under her wings where Annabelle took Tulku. Kura likes Molly and Matabele keeps the herd together as 1. Kudu Mouse adopted little giraffe Sebastien and they love Molly too. Molly will need a therapy pool just like Dalah in ENP. The Zims will face next stage in life in 2018, which means 1 step closer to live independently in nature. Molly strong 1 by 1 was launched beautiful art ellies for sale in auction to help Molly strong. Mr. peacock faced identity crisis as nobody seemed to like his act with showing his magnificent feathers so he will keep practicing for the mirror in 2018.  


  • at DSWT there was a baby boom this year, Ndara gave birth to Neptune, Kinna to Kama, Yatta to Yoyo, Nasalot to Nusu and Sunyei to Siku. Wendi’s daughter Wiva became 2, Galalan’s daughter Gawa 1, just as Thoma’s boy Thor, Sweet sally’s boy Safi. Eden from Edie and Emma from Emily became 3. Anti poaching teams have now assistance from dogs. The life of many animals is saved, rescued in this year. Many orphans found home at DSWT. Tsavo faced terrible drought.  Local farmers used trucks with water to help animals in need by filling dry pools with water. 
  • Humpty the little orphaned hippo who stole the love frome everyone passed away. In her short life Humpty gave the world an insight of the beauty of a hippo’s life.

video made by DSWT.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
sunyei when baby in 2003
sunyei en siku_n
sunyei with her daughter siku
sunyei’s daughter siku
  • Reteti orphanage is taking care for 14 little ones like Phokot, Mpala, Sosian, Bhaawa, Nadasoit. Only few years ago the Samburu considered elephants as their enemies. The initiative from the local people to set up an orphanage has resulted in love and care, enemies have become lifetime friends.
  • and there is Nosey. This elephant faced 35 years abuse and had slavery existence in circus. She was confiscated and brought to TES sanctuary.  Luckily she embraced her new home and doesn’t look back to her past. Let’s hope she can stay forever in her new home. 
Nosey being happy in Elephant sanctuary Tennessee
  • Mohan past away at Wildlife S.O.S. The many years existence in slavery before he was rescued had taken its toll. Due to lack of nutrition, poor circumstances and lifetime torture his bones were to weak, to fragile. The last year of his life was in sanctuary at least. r.i.p Mohan.
  • Wildlife S.O.S. rescued Priyanka.
  • Another concern are the desert elephants in Namibia.
  • Voortrekker is highly endangered and threatened. 
for all elephants in horrible circumstances waiting to be rescued
for all elephants suffering cruelty in hands of humans, waiting to be rescued ( photo created by Sue Dicker)

Many elephants are still suffering lifetime torture, abuse and exploitation in hands of humans in circuses and shows. All waiting to be rescued. Zimbabwe ripped another 34 baby elephants from the wild, from their mothers to sell them to China. Stolen from their mother, their wild life, their everything these babies will face too horrible existence, locked up for life till death. Living is circumstances like snow…they are no woolly mammoths

Kerala is another place which is hell on earth for elephants, long long way to go. For many elephants the dreams in which they are dying were/are the best they ever had. Small steps are taken but still long long way to go.

Let’s hope that 2018 will be a year bringing changes, light, hope and love for them. With doing nothing, nothing will change.

By staring at the clouds you will lose the sun,

so instead

be like the sun chasing the clouds away,

little by little.


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