When life becomes suffering

Moving story about my dswt orphan Mweiga who I met short before her passing on 23 dec. 2007. Her death lead to full indepency and freedom for 26 orphans, carrying her memory forever in their hearts.

When life is colored black

7 february 2006 Orok made his appearance in the orphanage. Orok was 18 months old when he was rescued in Amboseli National Park. Very likely Oroks mother had became ill which caused her dead due to consequenses of the severe drought. Elephant-expert Cynthia Moss lives over 30 years in Amboseli National Park and after research…

mr. Peacock feeling blue

Mr. Peacock wants a friend Wild is Life grand Zimbabwe is a loving home for many animals species; from pangolin Marimba to 6 Zim Ellies, to Diesel the Cheetah, Harry the hyena, Sebas the baby giraffe who is adopted, as second mama/ (daddy), by baby kudu Mouse, miss Pickles the warthog, Kim the sheep and…

When a Parkinson patient meet an elephant.

An elephants reaction to a Parkinson patient. Parkinson disease is a progressive brain disease. People who have this are missing dopamine in their system. Dopamine is needed to let function the brain properly like ; short term memory, emotions, motor functions of the body like arms and legs. With a short of dopamine like Parkinson…

Deep through the valley of deep darkness

She slept, lonely and abandoned, laying into the shadow from a huge umbrella-acacia tree, near by the Hilton Hotels and Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. In the whole surrounding there were no signals of herds of elephants around, where she could possibly belong to. It was obvious that this was a little baby elephant with little…

Sunbeams in darkest days

sunbeams in darkest day is the story about Moyo and the arrival of the Zim-Ellies. The Zim-ellies can use all support.

Life taken by lead

Dedicated to icons as Cecil, Xanda, his brother and all wildlife, who lost, and still loose their precious lifes, by facing the destructive power of lead.